Golden Argan Drops

100% Pure Cold-Pressed Argan Oil

Our 100% pure organic Golden Argan Drops is a great go-to product for skin, hair, and nails. Divine Beauty Argan Oil is a cold-pressed natural serum that will boost your health and overall appearance. Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, our Golden Argan Drops can be used straight out of the bottle or added to your favorite DIY blends.

• 100% Organic and Cold-Pressed

• Great Natural Skin Moisturizer

• Smoothes Hair & Tames Frizz

• Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines

• Heals Cracked Nails And Rigid Cuticles

• Supplied In UV-Protective Packaging: Dark cobalt blue glass  bottle with a glass eye dropper for ease-of-use

• Suitable for all skin types including the dry and the super sensitive

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Your Slice Of The Golden Tree

Argan oil is among the rarest and most expensive vegetable oils in the world. The vitamin-rich Argan Oil is known for its incredible benefits in nourishing the skin, hair, and nails. Argan Oil is a gift from Mother Nature for you to stay forever beautiful and young!

An Amazing Beauty Elixir For The Whole Body

Full of antioxidants, vitamin E, and good fats, Argan oil, which is produced from the kernels of nuts from Morocco’s Argan trees, has become the beauty elixir du Jour!
100% organic and cold-pressed, our Pure Golden Argan Drops will take you from morning to night with its multitude of beauty fixes.


For A Youthful, Glowing, and wrinkle-free Skin:

Add moisture

The most effective way to benefits from Argan oil anti-aging effects is by massaging a few drops into your face and neck before bed.

Brighten skin and fade dark spots

To improve and brighten your skin tone, apply Golden Argan Drops topically on the desired areas and massage it for deep absorption.

Cleanse skin

To use Golden Argan Drops as a face cleanser, apply a few Drops all over your face using a clean cotton pad, and then follow with a gentle cleanser.

Reduce wrinkles

The most effective way to benefits from Argan oil anti-aging effects is by massaging a few drops into your face and neck before bed.


For Thicker, Silkier, And Healthier Hair:

Condition hair

To make hair softer and more manageable with fewer tangles and dryness, you can use our pure Golden Argan Drops to wet, clean hair, put a shower cap on, and leave it for at least 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Soothe an itchy scalp

To use our Golden Argan Drops as a treatment for your itchy, dry scalp, take a few drops and gently massage it into the scalp in circular motions to stimulate the blood circulation. Leave overnight for effective results.

Prevent heat damage

To protect the hair and scalp from heat damage caused by styling tools, apply a couple of drops of argan oil’s golden liquid to wet or dry hair before and after styling.

Boost shine

Golen Argan drops helps bring shine and luster back into the hair. Apply a few drops to wet hair before styling. On dry hair, apply a small amount, focusing on the ends.

Reduce frizz

To hydrate your hair and reduce frizz, take a few drops of argan oil and apply on wet strands before styling. This will eventually reduce the appearance of split ends.

Add sun protection

Argan oil works as a high-quality sunscreen for your hair and to use it as a sun protectant, add one to two drops and lightly run your fingers through your hair after styling or simply add it to the ends.

Encourage hair growth

Gently Massage Golden Argan Drops into your scalp for a few minutes every single day to boost blood flow and promote hair growth.


For Strong, Healthy, and perfect Nails:

Extra moisture

Golden Argan Drops will give you the extra moisture that your nails, cuticles, and skin crave. Apply a few drops on your hands and then slowly massage onto your nails, cuticles as well as the skin surrounding your nails.